Weight on crash diets, walking miles, just to get

Weight loss, it the topic of the hour. Everyone you see is running around, working out, going on crash diets, walking miles, just to get rid of the extra weight they have put on. But, sometimes what people forget is the fact that it is not only gyms that can accelerate the process of losing weight. There are home remedies too which deems to be as efficient as any other technique. But before we get to the remedies, let us fist discuss the side effects of gaining extra weight than the body requires and this are as follows

·         High blood pressure

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·         Increase in the production of bad cholesterol or Low-Density Cholesterol

·          Coronary Heart disease

·         Type 2 Diabetes

·         Gall bladder diseases

·         Sleep apnea and breathing problems

·         Osteoarthritis

·         Low quality of life

·         Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety

Getting back to shape is a great decision, even if it requires shedding a little weight. It brings back the charm of life, not to forget better health condition. It should be entirely the person’s choice and not forced upon.

These are only some of the problems that fat causes in a human body and mind. It is said that gaining fat is easy but losing it tough. But there is nothing to worry about there is a way to cut down excess lipid and that is Lemon Juice. To know how to use lemon juice for weight loss in easy steps read ahead.

Did you know that Lemon is full of nutrients and one of the best ways to lose weight? It is backed with scientific facts. Vitamin C and dietary fibre that is present in the lemon protects and boosts the immune system, and performs physical repairs. It shapes the body into the structure that is naturally defined. There is even a saying that states “A lemon a day keeps all the fat away”. It works on the fat deposited on the belly, buttocks, hips and thighs.  The detoxifying and cleansing properties of the fruit eradicates the deposited pollutants, toxins, chemicals and even pollutants from the body making it fat free and healthy.

what are the benefits of Lemons? It does more than adding the tangy taste. It can cure problems like a headache to excess weight gain. How strange that such a small thing holds such great power.

Lemon or lemon juice when taken

·         Enhances dental health

·         Treats indigestion

·         Treats fever by making the body break into perspiration

·         Tends to hair care by repairing the quality of hair and lending nourishment

·         It does the same with skin as well

·         Lemon/Lemon juice even caters to burns by acting as a cooling agent

·         Stops internal bleeding

·         Promotes weight loss

·         Soothes most of the respiratory problems

·         Used as a basic element in foot relaxation/foot massage

·         Treats rheumatism, cholera,

·         Reduces corns and even the probability of its eruption

·         Cures throat infection

·         Regulates blood pressure

It is apparent how useful is lemon in our day to day lives. It renders a quality of relief and enhancement of standard of living in terms of health. So without any further ado, let us discuss the various ways on the topic of how to use lemon juice for weight loss in easy steps. It might just be a life changing event.


One can try the following

A.       Detox Miracle Lemon Diet. This is an age old procedure and has stood the test of time.

People try one-day lemon diets as it is a bile thinner and a detoxifier. The unsaturated fats are broken down by Vitamin C and then goes to bring down the level of LDL existing in the body. If the person takes juice of one and a half lemon with t tablespoon pepper powder mixed with a litre of water, it will do wonders to the excess fat that has accumulated. Like mentioned, it will fasten the process of breaking down lipids and toxins. This way is indeed a miracle.







B.      Consuming salad covered with lemon juice. Being healthy has never been this fancy before

Believe it or not, other than adding taste to the salad, lemon juice also works to burn the fat if consumed as a salad dressing. It cuts down painful hunger pangs, limits the intake of the calories which leads to weight loss. One can add this with cabbage, onion, tomatoes, green chilli, black salt and finally showered with the right amount of lemon juice. The changes would be seen in a couple of weeks. Doesn’t it look appetizing? It seems to be the best of both worlds. The goodness of vegetables and fullness of stomach.












C.      Fat Flush Morning Drink, you will certainly not regret having this in the morning. It will put a spell on you

This method is more like a concoction as it is a blend of lemon juice with honey. It not only tastes good but it also energizes the body with a refreshed mood and vigour. It does so by cutting down the level of toxins found in the body and pushing the rate of burning the fat. All one is required to do is squeeze lemon and add warm water then stir it well. This should be followed every morning on an empty stomach then only will it lead to fat loss and detoxification.  The content of the drink will be in high concertation as it is filtered after it was infused thus it will add value to the body. It might taste a little strong the end results will point towards the desired goals and that is all we are looking for. 
















D.      Herbal Lemon Tea for Weight Loss. Drop the gains like a classy person. Drink away the pounds

Lemon Tea always helps the process of getting in shape, given the fact that the tea is free of extra sugar. Herbal Lemon Tea can help shed few pounds without actually putting in herculean efforts. The tea has natural efficiency to control blood sugar level, cut down bad cholesterol or Low-Density cholesterol. It accelerates the process by burning fat present in the body especially the pot belly, and extra pounds near thigh areas. ½ tsp of honey or maple syrup can be added to the tea to accentuate the taste. Drink it twice a day for pronounced results. Not to forget, lemon tea helps in building up concentration and focus so one can be more determined to lose weight. How perfect does that sound?











E.       The next thing we have on how to use lemon juice for weight loss in easy steps is Lemon Infusion

This will be a mind-blowing method to work on those extra pounds gained due to the holidays. One sliced lemon, peeled cucumber, filtered water and grated ginger is all that is needed. The combination when mashed together and infused overnight will render a highlighted effect. The filtered watered from this combination when drunk throughout the day enhances the immune system of the body, betters the digestion and reduces the belly fat by far proportions.











F.       Sweet and Sour Lemon-Orange Smoothie

Who doesn’t like smoothies? Especially when it leads to weight loss and enhanced immunity. It is both, tasty and nutritious. Lemon and Orange are gifted with loads of Vitamin C, antioxidants and bioflavonoids which provides the body with an instant boost energy, enhanced immune system functioning, shunning of fatigue and eradication of bad cholesterol.  The ingredients that go into the lemon-orange smoothie are lemons, oranges, mint leaves, black salt, maple syrup, and crushed ice. This recipe can also be taken as an evening snack.  This is by far the best way to cut down on weight and even enjoy the scrumptious snacks once in a while.










G.      There is even a lemon diet soup.

The soup basically raises the temperature of the body which then directly burns calories. One can enjoy the results if consumed daily during breakfasts for an entire week. The procedure of a lemon soup is just like any other procedure to make a simple soup but the twist comes with when lemon juice is added. It gives the soup an element of hotness and tanginess. Plus, it is tasty too.











H.      Mixing aloe Vera with lemon Juice

Aloe Vera is supposedly the godmother of everything. The jelly like plant can treat almost all the problems. It can be used externally and internally that is eaten with lemon juice in a raw form. People eat the slimy gel for various purposes like

·         Enhanced immune system

·         Glowing skin

·         Stronger hair growth

·         Boosted mood

When this is mixed with lemon juice and consumed then the results undoubtedly are at par. It is like gifting the body a comfortable bed and a warm blanket in a cold weather. 









Mechanism behind lemon burning fat

It is pretty clear by now that lemon plays an integral part in melting away the fat and rejuvenating the body with a renewed spirit but does it manage to do so? There are scientific proofs to support this statement as well. The little lemon is basically enriched with a lot of Vitamin C and detoxifying agents. The intake of lemon juice doesn’t necessarily add any extra calorie to the body because it is devoid of it. Thus, taking a lot of lemon juice keeps the body hydrated, full, and the same time short of extra calories. The body starts burning the fat that is stored. Lemon/Lemon Juice gives a boost to the immune system of the body, breaks down the bile by removing toxins off the body. Shannon Kadlovski who is a nutritionist professes that it also ups the rate of metabolism in the body.

Now that the good part is discussed, let us also look at the side effects that lemon/lemon juice carries with itself.

·         The presence of critic acid when taken regularly may erode the enamel of the tooth

·         Lemon water can stimulate acidity

·         It degrades the situation of Canker Sores

·         Leads to frequent urination

·         Aggravate ulcers

·         Stimulate nausea and vomiting

·         Produces excess iron content in the blood

·         Causes sun burn

·         Triggers migraine

·         Spoils mouth taste

·         Might even give slight sores if the skin of the person is really sensitive

So, the lesson of the story is that everything should be taken in proportion and not in excess or else will end up doing you more harm than ever. Before using any of the mentioned procedure check whether you like it or not, whether you are comfortable with it. If you are allergic to lemons or citric acid. If that’s the case then it is a big bummer. Temperature should also be taken care of as lemon increase the temperature of the body. Too much body heat may cause the person to feel uncomfortable and out of sorts. One thing that should be forgotten while consuming lemon or lemon juice is the fact that lemons are faced and then squeezed. Freshly squeezed juices leaves more of an impact then stored ones. “Old is gold” does not follow here. Make sure than the juice stays away from any or all the injured areas of the body. If it splashes on any cut, it will aggravate the injury causing it to burn and hurt for a while.


We hope that this article helped you with your queries and doubts. Do share with us your innovative ideas with lemon/Lemon juice, we would be glad to try them. Just be careful while using lemons and keep it away from the reach of younger kids as it can be more aggravating for them if compared to adults. They are more sensitive than us naturally. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, try the home remedies and lose those extra pounds. Do it the right way and not the shorter way. Let us know which one is your favourite and hoe efficiently it helped you in the process of losing weight. We will also go and try some new methods and update you about them later on. Thank you for reading.