Though, successful researcher at field research have persuaded me

Though, rectified attempt helped me to demonstrate my
optimum output towards field research. But truly speaking I feel I was needed
to have a strong advanced interpersonal communication skills indeed to become
an effective researcher.

Anyway, people become fascinated about things when they
identified an effective desire inside them. As a citizen of over populated
country I witnessed many phenomena related with governing body, social
structure and traditions which provoked my hunger to study History, it is a
branch of effective experiences of our predecessors. The exciting course study
and field assignment during my bachelors and masters inspired me to join as
research assistant at RMRRU. Generally it wasn’t easy task for me lack of
communication skills often distracted my progress to become a successful professional
researcher. I was very self-centered person on top of that my feeble
communication skills, was degrading my field research. To be honest my
inclination to become a successful researcher at field research have persuaded
me to think about graduate school of communication. By which I can upgrade my
interpersonal communication skills which is prerequisite for any qualified

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I was looking for a course which can compensate my
deficiency at communication. In my country resources and facility are very
limited. Then I was looked forward to outside of my country luckily I found a
graduate course offered by Minnesota State University Mankato. Masters of Arts
Communication Studies would fulfill my desire and it is appropriate for my
goal. I wasn’t attracted by single course but several courses like, Perspective
in Culture and Communication, Advanced Interpersonal Communication.
Meanwhile communication studies provided course like Seminar in Communication Theory,
I think the course Perspective in Culture and Communication would be better suited
for my perspective and it will instruct me to pursue my dream to become a
successful researcher.