Stephen and Permanently damaging his hands. Without his hands

Stephen Strange. He was a Cocky, But he was a Expert neurosurgeon. Strange Would later go on to practice the Mystic arts and Become one of the Most Powerful Sorcerers. He Did not Find this life by choice though. While he Was Driving down a cliff Side road a Friend from A phone Enlisted some patients, Strange Denied most of them. While He was driving he Suffered in a Devastating car Accident, Paralyzing and Permanently damaging his hands. Without his hands Stephen could not be a neurosurgeon, in Which was a Job he enjoyed. He was regretful of his Arrogance and had Physical therapy sessions. On one of those Sessions he was told that a man Recovered from Devastating and Near permanent damage too his Spine(Or Back Idk). Strange denied that such a thing would be possible. Later he was denied of getting medical work done on his hands due to it being nearly hopeless, he was Fumed and left his apartment searching. He Met up with the man who had Rumored to have a broken Spine. He gave him a Location of where he Could Be healed. He Set out to Nepal, Being saved from thugs by Karl Mordo he met the ancient one. The Ancient one Claimed an Existence of a Magic Power which Strange Arrogantly Denied could not be Possible. The Ancient one then pushed strange out of his physical form and toyed around with him using illusions. After it was over Strange Begged For teaching but he Was Denied for Arrogance and Disbelief. Strange had Sat at the Door all day until he was let in Due too mordo Convincing the Ancient one. He then started the teaching of Magic. He Escalated Quickly, Strange got better and better with magic becoming one of the best there is. And Later he Claims the Eye of agamoto after being taught in fighting by mordo. Strange getting to curious noticed a ripped out page of a book and was Breifed on the Dark Dimension and Dormammu. After one Sanctum being destroyed Strange Claimed the Cloak of Levitation as it Chose him. He Defeated all of the Zealots in there Powerful Dark Forms. By himself. But he gets shot in the back Doing so and Went to Dr Palmer For help. He Was Nursed back to help revealing his magical powers to her. When the Last Sanctum was destroyed he Blackmailed Dormammu into staying away from the earth and thus saving it. And Later becomes one of the most powerful Sorcerers of all time.