Quantum known as the Schrodinger equation. Schrodinger wave equation

Quantum Mechanics and Chemical Bonding

Quantum Mechanics

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Quantum mechanics is the gathering of scientific legal
guidelines that describe irrational behavior of electrons, photons and other
matters that took part in universe.

Chemical Bonding

Chemical bonding is a chemical procedure wherein exceptional
atoms ions or molecules attracted via every other and be a part of to shape new

While  atoms come near
every different the force of appeal permit them to make bond and form new
molecules. Atoms and molecule make bond to reap stability and forming new
complex molecules and compounds.

Covalent Bond

whilst two atoms come close to every different and
proportion electron pair closer to itself then bond formed is known as covalent

H• + •H    ?     H:H   
?     H ? H

twin Nature of electron

 In 1924 A French
physicist Louis de Broglie advised that electron behaves both as a material
particle as well as a wave. It method that electron has angular spin.

Because electrons are so small and are transferring fast,
they don’t have defined

role. Their region is best described by using wave mechanics
and wave equation known as the Schrodinger equation.

Schrodinger wave equation

solutions of the Schrodinger equation are called wave
features and are represented

by using the Greek letter psi and denoted via ?.

Every wave feature describes a unique orbital.




Quantum number

every orbital in an atom is detailed by means of a fixed of
three quantum numbers (n, l, and m) and every electron is detailed via a set of
four quantum numbers (n, l, m and s).

Principle quantum number(n)

In an orbit the most quantity of electron represented
through quantum quantity as 2n², it gives records of orbit k,L,M,N. By means of
precept quantum quantity we are able to discover Angular momentum of electron.

Magnetic Quantum number (m)

Magnetic quantum wide variety offers us orientation of sub
shells. The fee of m lies among -1 to +1 thru zero. For a given cost of ‘n’ the
overall price of ‘m’ is identical to n².

M = n²

Spin Quantum number

It changed into proposed by way of Goldschmidt & Ulen
lower back. This value signifies the spin or rotation or direction of electron
on its axis at some point of motion. The spin may be clockwise or

Shape of s orbital

The chance of finding the electron belonging to s orbital of
any primary shell is discovered to be same in all directions at a given
distance from the nucleus. Consequently s – orbital is spherical in shape that
is symmetrical around the nucleus.

Order of length:

 The order of size is