People, is that patients refer to someone who needs

People, as asserted by Henderson, have their own
basic needs, and health is one of the major components. According to scholars,
people will be satisfied if they achieve both psychological and emotional
balance in life. “Person refers to a being composed of physical, intellectual,
biochemical, and psychosocial needs; a human energy field; a holistic being in
the world; an open system… (McEwen &Wills page 41). Furthermore, a shared
understanding between Henderson and Watson is that patients refer to someone
who needs nursing care which can be achieved through the development of enduring
relationship among patients and their nurses. Nonetheless, human beings are
defined further by Watson as she suggests that besides care, people need to be
understood, nurtured and respected.  In
my opinion, health is a basic need in humanity, and for the well-being of an
individual, there is need to address the health needs of society. Besides,
regardless of age, individuals will always strive to achieve optimum health


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The Need Theory by Henderson suggests that
maintaining a supportive setting for healthcare organizations is essential for
the patient’s wellbeing, an issue that has been echoed by Watson. The theory
further indicates the need for both private and public organizations to
maintain people healthy. Moreover, society expects nurses to give patients the
care they deserve to recover from their illness. According to my understanding,
environment refers to the patients surrounding which has to be maintained in
order to facilitate quick recovery.  As
Watson describes, “…engaging in genuine teaching-learning
experiences that attend to the unity of being and subjective meaning;
attempting to stay within the other’s frame of reference; creating a healing
environment at all levels; administering sacred nursing acts of caring-healing
by tending to basic human needs; opening and attending to spiritual or
mysterious and existential unknowns of life and death” (Watson,
2008).  Ultimately, Martha Rogers inspiringly concludes
that nurse’s assist human beings achieve well-being within potential of each
individual, family, or group. Because human energy fields are complex,
individualizing nursing services supports simultaneous human and environmental
exchange, encouraging heath (McEwen &Wills page 195).





World Health Organization suggests three
types of definition of health seem to be possible and are used in this modern World.  The first is that health is the absence of
any disease or impairment. The second is that health is a state that allows the
individual to adequately cope with all demands of daily life (implying also the
absence of disease and impairment). The third definition states that health is
a state of balance, an equilibrium that an individual has established within
himself and between himself and his social and physical environment (Constitution of the World Health Organization 45th.
Ed.). Henderson perceives health to be the ability to perform the various human
needs without aid. On the other hand, Watson indicated that health is having a
shared harmony between the mind, soul, and body which is vital for the
well-being of human beings. Moreover, nurses have a role in promoting health by
managing the various avenues for diseases. Nonetheless, Henderson acknowledges
that being healthy is a challenge as the state is influenced by different
factors which include age, emotional balance and cultural background of
individuals among other significant issues. Health in my perception should be
perceived as a state of soundness or wholeness of an individual. This includes
being healthy and of good state to carry out daily activities without necessarily
being aided by others.


Watson pointed out that caring is “the
moral ideal of nursing whereby the end is protection, enhancement, and
preservation of human dignity” (Watson,
page 29).  Nursing as defined by the scholars
refer to the professional practice through which nurses attend to the patients
to improve well-being of the sick. This includes assistance given to the
individuals, knowledge gained and strategies adopted to enhance the quality of
care in healthcare establishments. Henderson asserts that nurse’s care for the
patients until patients can care for themselves once again after recovered from
illness state. The primary goal of any nurse is to support patients to achieve
complete and independent state of health (McEwen& Wills page 137).  In essence, I tend to think that nursing
should be considered as the promotion of health, strategies used to prevent
illness and practices put in place to ensure that patients are well-taken care


personal experience made me to choose the nursing
profession as I believe that being a nurse is a calling and it is all about
helping those in need. Therefore, the profession should not be appreciated
because of the hearty paycheck, but rather the desire to attend to others. I
chose to be a nurse with a mission to provide safe and quality care to all
without discrimination based on man created divisions, financial stability or
disability of my clients.  In addition,
my life experiences made me realize that life is all about choices and I can
make a difference by employing supreme care to change the way people understand
the nursing profession.

believe the nursing profession is so wide such that it only takes a resilient
individual to push it to the extremes. Certainly, being a nurse provides me a
better platform to serve my community and the patients in a greater capacity.
Adopting Jean Watson’s caring theory has been beneficial to me personally as
well as patients who might fall under my care, as I will render care to them to
reach optimal health and relish better life experience. Furthermore, intention
to pursue further in nursing will also supply me with a stage to explore both
my compassionate and my analytical sides and to be a nurse who serves both his
patients and profession.

In conclusion, my nursing philosophy has improved
significantly over the years, as the profession is gaining new insights with
increased exploration. However, despite the recent changes, a shared
understanding is that there is a need for achieving optimal health care for our
patient. From the studies, it is evident that different nursing theories are
applied in enhancing health care. Nursing as a profession is not just a job but
a calling which needs a caring person. As a nurse, I am determined to provide a
holistic approach to providing quality and safe care. Health is a basic right
of every individual and has to be delivered holistically.