One in December the year 1970 (Staff). It was

of the essential public health care services includes informing, educating and
empowering persons about issues of health. Another crucial public healthcare
service is the mobilization of partnerships and actions of the community to
identify and get solutions to health problems (“CDC – Public Health System
And The 10 Essential Public Health Services – OSTLTS.”). In my community,
there is an organization that plays a major role in achieving these two
essential public healthcare services. This organization is referred to as
United Health Association (UHA). The organization unites the holistic and
alternative industry of health by bringing together practitioners, patients,
physicians and industry professional across the nation (“United Health
Association – Holistic – Naturopathic – Alternative.”). The organization
has a philosophy stating that prevention is the best way to research. According
to the United Health Association, all roads of health start with lifestyle
because the lifestyle is the leading cause of illness when compared to the
diseases that are infectious. United Health Association is creating awareness
that to attain a complete balance between wellness and health; it takes seven
significant components that work together beyond just nutrition and exercise.
These elements include spiritual, social, environmental, occupational,
emotional, physical, occupational and intellectual wellbeing.

Protection Agency (EPA) came into existence in December the year 1970 (Staff).
It was established when Richard Nixon was still in power as the president of
the United States. The agency is responsible for protecting and conserving the
natural environment and also improving human health by researching the effects
of pollutants. Besides, the organization mandates the limits of contaminants.
It controls the making and distribution of chemicals. The agency is given the
power to enforce what it has found through sanctions and fines. Given the fact
that this body is under the federal government, it works towards improving the
federal government`s response to health problems. Most industries when they are
not regulated on how to operate they end polluting the environment through the
products that they produce. The pollutants that they emit affect the citizen`s
health. A good example is the Montrose Chemical Corporation of California. This
industry discharged its waste products into the Pacific Ocean for a very long
time until a time when the agency fined it for a cleanup cost.

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Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an organization that was established
as a result of Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (“About OSHA
Page | Occupational Safety And Health Administration.”). Just like
Environmental Protection Agency, it was established during the era of President
Richard Nixon. Its responsibility includes assuring healthy and safe conditions
of working for the men and women through coming up and with standards and
enforcing them. Further, the organization achieves its responsibilities by
offering training, education, outreach and assistance. The organization has
made employers to put into consideration the safety and health of worker in
places of work. Through OSHA law, it is the responsibility of employers to
offer safe areas of practice. The workplace must not have serious hazards.
Other than just depending on personal protective clothing for example earplugs,
masks and glove, employers must attempt reducing or eliminating risks. They can
achieve it by making changes that are feasible in the conditions of working.
Some of the effective ways to reduce or eliminate hazards include switching to
safer chemicals, utilizing systems of ventilation to clean air and enclosing
hazardous processes to trap the fumes. Failure for an employer to follow the standards
set by OSHA invites fines and sanctions.