Need Coimbatore market for and branded A/C. This research

Need for the StudyThis project is done for ETA  General A/C private Ltd in Coimbatore. This project throws lights into the customer satisfaction branded A/C in Coimbatore City.Various factors like awareness expectation regarding the product, sources of information promotion, activities are analysis.As there is in tense compaction in the Coimbatore market for and branded A/C. This research is also done to check how airconditioner can improve their sales through better customer relationship.It hopes that this report will be an useful guide for the ETA General Private Ltd., to improve their performance.This study helps the company to identify and interpret their problems and also helps to identify the reason for not doing well and also helps to identify where they want to be some suggestion and recommendation are also improve. It helps to rectify the problem and to improve the state of product and the company.  1.4 Limitations of the StudyThis study is made to social economic profile of respondents This study is opinion about various brandsThis study is the satisfaction level of respondentsThis study is made satisfaction of the after sales and service.1.5  Research Methodology IntroductionResearch is an intensive study in a particular field to achieve at a better conclusion of a problem. Research Methodology is a systematic way of solving the problem. Research methodology explains the various steps that are generally adopted by the researcher in studying the research problem along with logic behind them. The methodologies followed for this study are as follows.1Research DesignDescriptive Research2PopulationThe Population comprises people of Coimbatore City.3Sample TechniqueConvenience Sampling4Sample Size2125Sampling UnitCoimbatore City6Data CollectionPrimary and Secondary Data Collection7Data Collection ToolsQuestionnaire8Tools Used for AnalysisSimple Percentage Analysis, Chi-Square Test & Weighted Average Method Research DesignResearch Design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. The research activity is descriptive. The study analysis the customer satisfaction with the features of branded A/c in Coimbatore City with the reference of General A/C ETA General Private Ltd., Questionnaire DesignProper care has been taken to ensure that the information needs match the objectives, which in turn match the data collected through the questionnaire. The basic cardinal rules of Questionnaire design like using simple and clear words, the logical and sequential arrangement of questions has been taken care of. The questionnaire includes both open ended and closed ended questions with multiple choices; Open-ended questions enable wide range of responses. Close-ended questions offer a limited choice of response. Sampling DesignPopulationThe universe comprises people of Coimbatore City. Since the population of Coimbatore is large in number, researcher was unable to collect information from all individuals due to limitation of time. So part of the population is taken for analyzing and generating the findings, which is applicable for total market. Convenience Sampling Method:It is a population which is commonly referred to as a sample. It is obtained by selecting convenient population unit. It is suitable when the universe is not clearly defined.Sample unit is not clearComplete source list is not available Sampling Size:This refers to the number of item to be selected from the universe to constitute a sample. This is a major problem before a researcher. The single of sample should neither be excessively large nor to small. It should be optimum. A optimum sample is one which fulfills the requirements of efficiency, representatives, reliability and flexibility while deciding the size of the sample, researcher must determine the desired precision as also an acceptable confidence level for the estimate.The size of population variance needs to be considered as in case of larger variance usually a bigger sample is needed. The size of population must be kept in view for this also limit the sample size. The parameters of interest in a research study must be kept in view, while deciding the size of the sample. Costs to dictate the size of the sample that we can draw. As such budgetary constraints must invariably take in the consideration when we decide the sample size.212 respondents are sample size of the study. Sampling Unit:The set of customers where using A/C in Coimbatore. A decision has to be taken concerning or sampling unit before selecting sample. Sampling unit may be a geographical one such as state, district, village, etc., or a construction unit such as house, flat etc., or it may be a social unit such as family, club, school etc., or it may be an individual. The researcher will decide one or more of such units that has to select for his study. Period of StudyThe study was conducted during the period of 4 months from January -2016. Data CollectionThe collection of data is considered to be one of the most important aspects in the research methodology. Nature of DataBoth primary data and secondary data have been used for this study.Primary: Primary data involved integration of customersIt is gathered by using a questionnaire administrated by personal interview.Secondary:Secondary data regarding the company, industry and products were obtained from,InternetCompany PersonnelBooksCatalogue  Data AnalysisData Analysis and interpretation is the main part of a project study. AnalysisAnalysis is the process of placing the data in an ordered form, combining them with the existing information and extracting the meaning from them. In other words, analysis is an answer to the question what message is conveyed by each group of data which are otherwise raw facts and are unable to give a meaningful information. The raw data become information only when they are analyzed and put in a meaningful form.Interpretation Interpretation is the process of relating various bits of information to other existing information. Interpretation attempts to answer, What relationship exists between the findings to the research objectives and hypothesis framed for the study in the beginning .To study the customer satisfaction towards branded A/C in Coimbatore city a survey was conducted and information was collected from 212 respondents. All the information collected with the help of questionnaire are tabulated and analyzed using data analysis tools like Simple percentage, chi-square test and weighted average method. The inferences given below the table will make the reader to understand the problem as well as the solution to the problem. Charts are used in showing the comparison diagrammatically. Tools used for AnalysisSimple Percentage AnalysisWeighted Average Method Simple Percentage Analysis Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio in making comparison between two or more data and to describe relationships. A simple percentage analysis was carried out for the major part of the data analysis.  This is a univariate analysis where the percentage of a particular factor with different categories are calculated, in order to help one get their fair idea regarding the sample and thereby that of population. Without this percentage, the researcher would face difficulty in interpreting results.Statistical Analysis                     Weighted Average Method:When the relative importance of the various items is not the same, then we make use of weighted average method. Hence we multiply each item by a weight reflecting. The importance assigned to the item is the total and then divide them by the sum of weights.