Language contexts can be a complex task. This is

is a means of identity formation, definition and construction. It is an vital mean of
communication among people of society. It is the tool that conveys custom and morals
to upcoming generations. Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken languages in
the world, with more than 300 million native speakers across the globe. This
makes the language the fifth most widely spoken in the world. (Daniel 2013)

choice is defined as the language, variety or code utilized by a particular
speech community for a particular purpose or function in verbal interaction. In
a multilingual society, individuals constantly have to make a choice of which
language to use for which situation and this depends on the interlocutors who
are also constrained by their own linguistic repertoires. Some people view this
as a problem since it could cause barriers and difficulties in communication.
Nonetheless exercising a choice in language use in different contexts can be a
complex task. This is due to the fact that the speaker often has to decide
constantly which languages are appropriate to use for what purposes, and the
decision is often instantaneous. Besides, the speaker might be influenced by
the characteristics of the interlocutor, such as ethnicity, age, gender,
educational level, proficiency level and domains in which the particular
communicative event takes place. Deciding the language to use in everyday
communication is not uncommon especially when the person lives in a
multilingual society. Such decision would be simple by someone who lives in a
monolingual society. However, people who live in a bilingual or multilingual
country inevitably face more decision makings in choosing what language to use
as all of the people speak more than one language. It is also common that all
of them do not speak the same language. Thus, domain analysis which is proposed
by Joshua Fishman (1972) is crucial to provide a good understanding of
linguistic situation for a bilingual or multilingual country. Which language an
individual chooses to use may depend on who is the interlocutor, and the
situation in which the conversation takes place. (Mei, Abdullah, Heng, Kasim) 

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