Introduction used to manage talent in an organization. To

Human resource is a significant department in any business, and therefore it requires quality attention and be in a position to make an effective decision. One of the difficulties that have arisen currently in the field of the management is the talent management. Many of the individuals have undergone training in different skills but when it comes to the talent management the managerial team have failed to contain such professionals. There are professional beside their skills and knowledge they are gifted in performing different duties. This kind of professionals calls for a different way of handling them as they are special and they have a significant skill that can stir the business vision and mission.
Research question
1.    How can talent be managed in the business field or an organization?
Literature review
Different scholars and authors have defined a different mechanism that can be used to manage talent in an organization. To begin with, Tarique and Schuler in their article on the Global Talent Management, they admit that there a greater challenge on how to manage the talented individuals within the organization. They argue that the employment environment currently is global, complex, dynamic, competitive and extremely volatile and there is likely to extend more in the future. Balancing the nature of the employees who are well educated to perform better and talented professional who have proven to be efficient too in their skills is a crisis many managers in the organization are facing (Tarique & Scheuler, 2010).
Pamela Philippe and Paulo in their research in the effectiveness of the talent management strategies, they try to examine whether the strategies that have been put in place have effected in helping to manage this type of challenge. Most of the strategies, as they assert in their research, is that many companies have implemented it but there is a gap still left, and therefore it leads to the demand of a better strategy to implement to understand the efficiency of the talented individuals within the organization. Their research found out that many of the organizations appreciate the realization of the ability that many of the organization have had on the professionals but the strategies that have been put in place doesn’t effectively allow the full realization of the potential of the talented individuals (Pamela, Philippe, & Bruno, 2011).
King in is article Global talent management, he states that there is different action model that has been put in place to save the talented from the learned and the experienced. Through this fight, there has been the creation of different forms of interest on the competent professionals within the society who can perform effectively. Many organizations have introduced strategic framework and multiple actors model to enhance the better performance of the talented professionals within the organization.  They argue that strategic approach is important to get in place a practice that several of the organization has not implemented in their system of the human resource department. For most of the organization, the talented have been realized, but their efficiency has been downplayed due to the trust many of the organization give to learned professionals. They recommend that systems within the organization need to be changed to accommodate the talented professional and offer them the opportunity to work in areas they are best in within the organization (King, 2015).
In this research, several mechanisms shall be used to collect data. To realize efficiency, the best data collection shall be put in place. For this case, in order to attain the best results, there shall be an interview held with several HR managers from different organizations that are realized to have greatly influenced their HR department through the development of the strategies that cater for the talented professionals within the institutions. The interviewing questions shall be prepared based on the type of the question and therefore during the interview information shall be recorded for the analysis after the research. 
The online survey is also another productive technique of data collection that can be used to research on this topic. Most of the respondent might not be accessible easily, and therefore the best opportunity to reach such individual is conducting an online survey. In this manner, there will be a greater platform to conduct the managers of a different organization, and they shall be in a position to give their views pertain the talent management in the organization and how they are doing it. Most of the organization are aware of the challenges associated with this kind of the struggles, and therefore they have been fighting in meeting the full presentation and efficiency of the talented individuals.
The research shall also entail general information inquiry. Considering there are multiples sources of the information related to talent management, they shall be effective in ensuring that the correct information for the research is acquired. There is importance’s that are known to be realized in the suitable placement of the employees. Many have been denied to work in their suitable field due to the assumption that they don’t know. Talented professionals tend to have skills and perform better than the trained and knowledgeable professionals.
From the research conducted, many of the companies are aware that there are talented professionals. Many have tried to strategize the way forward and try to integrate the talent and trained professionalism. The integration in many organizations has led to the growth of the fights within the human resource department as different professionals fight for their position in the organization. Many are trying to ensure that there is equality and both the talented and the trained professionals work in peace and can easily accommodate each other. The findings are clear that there is a need to have a well-strategized plan to help the members of the organization fit effectively while they work in the areas where they think they are gifted in. most hoped that new integration of the employees based on their performance shall improve the performance of the organization and increased the chances of fulfilling the mission and vision of the organization
The different organization has different approach to the matter of talent management. There has been discussion whether during the employment of the individual’s such skills and knowledge should be taken into consideration, but that has been greatly debated. The scholars within the society are considered to be less determined to find who is more effective in work, but the general knowledge indicates that many think that the talented are likely to perform better than the trained professionals. There has also been a crisis on the way the different approaches are taken concerning the acquisition of the staff. The talented individuals are considered to have less evidence to show to the employer, and therefore the paperwork for the trained professional is said to overwhelm the employers and prefer them than the talented individuals.
Research indicates that many of the employers don’t like to take a gamble with the acquisition of the staff that is likely to enhance the mission and vision of the organization. Campaigns have been raised towards who is the best, but after the acquisition of the professionally trained employees, many of the employers get rid of them only to acquire the talented professionals.  The professionals have been realized to be more effective and devoted to delivering what they think is the best for the organization. Most of the talented professionals have proven to be worth what therefore the managers in the HR can effectively confirm that there a greater impact in hiring a talented professional that a trained professional with a lot of paper material describing them. 
More research needs to be done in this area. Management entails several factors, and therefore talent needs to be greatly embraced in the human resource department. There should be research discussing the possible implementation that could make the talent management easier and reduce the tension that is highly observed among the talented staff and the trained staff. The managers need to be made aware of the best selection techniques that shall enable the selection of the talented professional. It is important to have such consideration and therefore it calls for more research. 
There has been a great debate as managers try to argue about who is the best between the professionally trained and the talented employees. It is important to have in mind that such comparison is hard to conclude considering that the paperwork tends to talk more pertaining the employee as compared to talented professionals who might have less to show off regarding paper or written material. The managers need to consider this as most of the talented professional are more effective than any other professionals. They tend to have efficiency and are likely to drive the company or the organization reach its mission and attain the vision.