In who write about death, they will complete more

In my opinion, as I was reading through the power point
slides, what this theory, Terror Management Theory is, it is the fear of being
aware and becoming vulnerable to the idea and understanding of what mortality
is, meanwhile a person faces their thoughts on death and begins consciously
experiencing their existance in the world.   


Therefore, with that said, the two main hypothesis in this
study, firstable the researchers on their word completion task hypothesis said
that, “We predict that participants who write about death, they will complete
more word-fragments with death-related words, than those participants that
write about other topics (dental pain or getting into college). Furthermore,
the essay rating hypothesis by reasearchers it stated that, “We predict that
participants who wrote about death will disagree with the pessimistic position
of the human progress essay author more than participants in the other two

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As the rest of my group members and I agreed on, this theory
comes from the feeling of Trror Management Theory and realizing that eventually
one day we will be “non existent”, in which means we humans become
self-protected from the world in case there is any threat towards our
self-being. This theory, is becoming self-aware of the understanding that one
day we are going to die and that is due to how humans are able to live in the
past and future, and we realize the meaning of being “gone.”


With that say, I believe that the hypothesis is correct in
how the results will occur, and that reason to this is because both hypothesis
are conclusive hypothesis to what is being predicted. For that, I do think this
is a good, testable hypothesis to the study, with their set independt and
dependent variables as well as the the expected results.


As my group and I discussed, the idea came from the everyday
occurance, and this is because as humans it is a terror we have to not exist,
by losing trust in themselves and by setting up certain standards to live by
our society, that if  all these fail we
become overwhelmed in regards to our awareness with mortality and our existance
to maintain a set of security and significance to their lives.


If there would be any ethical problem throughout this study,
I would say that this study can cause more awareness to the person that one day
they will die, lets say some people  know
it but they have not completely been process it or thought about their non
existance, this will cause them some racing, unwanted thoughts that they were
not ready for, by doing ths study. Instead of causing such anxiety to the
participants, I would still perform the study as such, but at the end I would
bring in their loved ones in, whether is their family, dog, friends, just
anyone who truly brings happiness and love into that person life, so as they
feel irriated they will be able to be reminded that, yes death will happen, but
you have someone who loves you and will be here uncondtionally, allowing them
to feel secure and safe again.


Lastly, one thing I would do different designing this study
would be to make a group where the participants talk about what makes them the
happiest, what brings joy to them and what makes them feel loved. The reason to
this, as the participants think about those three concepts, they will feel like
life is worth it and no matter what happens at the end, they lived it
surrounded by the people and things who they love the most. Thinking about this
three concepts, the partcipants might still feel a sense of saddness and fear,
of what their life would feel like without them, but it will be with the (idea)
that, these are the people that brings  the feeling happiness to them.