In of the poem. Gascoigne uses diction/word choice that

In “For That He Looked Not upon Her”, George uses literary devices to convey his struggles with love. To bring life to his poem, Gascoigne uses a rhyme scheme that made the form of the poem. Gascoigne uses diction/word choice that helped developed the poem. Imagery is also a big part of the poem that helps with the visualization and connection with the audience. Gascoigne uses a rhyme scheme of “ABAB” that has 14 lines, iambic pentameter and ends with a couplet. The rhyme scheme shows that Gascoigne is basically attempting to express what is on his mind conspicuously. The rhyme scheme “ABAB” is about how he felt when he was heartbroken. The rhyme scheme “CDCD” was when he couldn’t trust anyone and scared that he will be broken again. Rhyme scheme “EFEF” show how he learned from his heartbreak and will avoid it in the future. Additionally, the couplet “gg” describes how Gascoigne feels at the moment. This act of iambic sonnet format helped the speaker convey his message in a stylistic way. The use of imagery was able to bring out the tone and theme of the story. Gascoigne relates to a mouse who “lies aloof for fear of more mishap” (line 7). This shows how the mouse broke out of a trap but was still scared that more traps would be around. This makes you visualize how suffering is still there even you have “broken out of trap”. Another imagery used is “the scorched fly which once had escaped the flame..will hardly come to play again with fire” (lines 9-10). This shows how a fly almost get killed in a fire and knows not to play with fore again. It emphasizes the general theme as distress and unhappy. Gascogne uses diction to focus on the tone of the speaker. The word choice used like “louring head so low” reveals how hurt the speaker was at that time. He also uses the word “gleams” to show admiration despite in his sorrow. This makes the speaker to be conflicted about his love. Throughout the poem the speaker uses rhyme scheme, diction and imagery to set the tone of the speaker. The speaker feels heartbroken because of a woman. Though he may still have feelings for the woman, he realizes he must move on to live.