In first glance, their lives may seem welcoming but

In chapter 3 of Great Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald uncovers the light-hearted facade worn by the upper class to the actual depression that it carries, through the perspective of Nick Carraway, to highlight the fragility and pressure of fitting in, felt by the upper class. In the beginning, Nick only saw the wealth and beauty of the upper class as he attended a party hosted by Gatsby. Gatsby’s garden had “enough colored lights to make a christmas tree”(40). Christmas, the holiday of love, happiness, and immense beauty in American culture, parallels the jovial atmosphere of Gatsby’s garden. Furthermore, the lights not only illuminate Gatsby’s opulence but also create a world in which illusion and reality blend. The jovial and excited state of the party carryforwards when Nick witnesses “floating rounds of cocktails”(40). Obviously cocktails can not float and are held by Gatsby’s servants, but atmosphere is enchanting to the extent that objects float and servants become invisible. When Nick observes the conversations at Gatsby’s party closely, he discovers that their smiles are meaningless and prodigal. They continuously indulge in “happy, vacuous bursts of laughter”(46) because they believe that they have to hold himself which such cheeriness. In addition, Fitzgerald’s juxtaposition of “happy” and “vacuous” highlight their emptiness. The order of the adjectives reveal that the upper class appear jovial at first, but on the inside they are actually bleak. Moreover, the laughter and happiness later “rose toward the summer sky”(46). This suggests that their feelings are temporary and leave their vacanity with ease. The sky which was once beautiful and light hearted, similar to the appearance of the rich, is now empty and meaningless, the excessive laughter. To fit into such an atmosphere, Nick finds it necessary “to get roaring drunk”(42) despite the “sheer embarrassment”(42) he feels while doing so. He relies on alcohol to suppress his feelings of loneliness in order to blend in. This underscores how fragile the life of the rich can be – they have to depend on alcohol to enjoy a party. At first glance, their lives may seem welcoming but in reality is numbing and depressing. Overall, their insecurities and fragility undermines their temporary glamour.