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I am Raviraj Gurav, Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Army Institute of Technology, University of Pune. I am writing this letter to extend my help and hence, recommend Vishav Vijay Singh for Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

I have been with Vishav for 3 years during his undergraduate study. He is one of the talented students I have taught in my many years of teaching. Along with the theory subjects of of XXX & YYY, I have also supervised his lab work for ZZZ but more importantly I was his project guide during his final year of undergraduate course. I have observed that Vishav had immense potential in him to become a good mechanical engineer and I am not surprised to find out that he is working as Mechanical Design Engineer II in one of the biggest company, TechnipFMC, in Oil & Gas Industry. He has huge interest in learning about new technologies and their applications. His skills, curiosity, and passion to learn makes him fit for higher education in Engineering Discipline.

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Vishav is perceptive, quick and a sharp individual with good technical aptitude. He is always curious and driven to learn how machines behave and work, whether they be the old style locomotives or the new generation Magnetic levitation trains. His final year project in college was pretty impressive, an application of a new Non Destructive Testing Method known as Digital Shearography.  In his project, he and his 3 colleagues had designed a Test Fixture to examine the automotive tires for any surface defects / cracks after their manufacturing. For the said application, they had presented multiple designs with various different functional advantages. Initially, these students struggled a bit to work out on their ideas but it was all because of their hard work and dedication that they had managed to write a study paper and presented it in a technical conference.

Vishav has my full recommendation to pursue higher education in mechanical engineering. He has demonstrated quality and shown good results in all the work he takes up, whether it’s doing design project, working in groups, or teaching himself to learn new things. Vishav’s great curiosity, combined with his ability and readiness to take risk, convinces me to believe that there will be no limit to his growth and success in his life.