For thought I knew turned out to be true,

For my Super Saturday Project, I took a trip to North Carolina with my family. We decided  to go to Fort Macon, which is a Civil War base in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. The Fort is right on the coast. As we looked around the base, I read, wrote down and took pictures of information of the cannons and the base itself.Some things that I thought I knew turned out to be true, but others did not. I originally thought that they had to use different cannons for different distances, but really the size of the cannonballs also come into effect because the heavier the cannonball, the shorter it goes. Certain sized cannonballs have certain masses which changes the distance that it can shoot. I also thought they had to use different equations to find the trajectory, which was true, but my question was what equations/functions did they use? I found that they used quadratic equations to find the trajectory of the shot. They used the variables speed and mass in the equation. While I was looking at a cannon, I asked my dad if he knew what compound or compounds made the cannon shoot and when he said he didn’t know, I asked our guide that same question. I originally thought that it was gunpowder or some type of powder. It turns out that it was actually a mixture of sulfur, charcoal and Potassium Nitrate. When we visited the shore cannons, I noticed they were at the highest point in Fort Macon so immediately I thought that they put them on the highest point for the height advantage which was correct but they were also put there for a lookout place. The location of the Fort Was also very important, it was built where the cannons could reach across the whole inlet with their best cannons. I had the question, what was the best cannon? The cannons on the wall were the best cannons in the Fort which were Rifled 32-pounder Cannons, they were able to reach the other side of the inlet. When I heard about this cannon, I wondered how far it can actually shoot, I looked it up and one model of the cannon can shoot 1922 yards. ( next question that I had was how did they aim mid-battle, I originally thought that they had a ruler type thing for a scale and each mark would be a different distance but I was completely wrong, during battle, they would fire a shot and wherever that shot went, they would adjust accordingly. My last question I had was, what was the most advanced weaponry they had at the Fort? I asked my guide at the end of the tour and he said that the 32 pounder cannon was the most advanced mostly because of the distance it was able to reach and the structure of it. I really enjoyed this topic because I love history and Wars so when I went around, I felt like I learned a lot more than reading it in a book so to me it was really worth it to walk through and experience that. Fort Macon connects to math because of the trajectory of the cannons the structure of the whole Fort, science because of the actual shooting of the weapons, the physics of the cannon ball and trajectory and technology because of the different weapons used in Fort Macon. Overall this was a fun experience and it made me realize how much actually goes on about math, science and technology.