Discussion: didn’t differ significantly from the negative results. As




Continuous efforts are directed to
evolve a rapid, simple, precise and cheap method to extract mycobacterial DNA,
however, there is no established reference method. So, most of the laboratories
have developed their own extraction procedures after a prolonged time of  evaluation of different methods (Sambrook and Russell, 2001).

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Molecular methods as PCR enables quick
detection of MTB which is substantial to start treatment early and hold its
spread .The initial step in PCR is DNA extraction (Notle et al., 1993).The
mycobacterial DNA extraction techniques are very difficult due to the presence
of complex cell wall rich in lipids and the intracellular presence of pathogen
et al., 2005).



   In this study, direct DNA extraction methods
of MTB from sputum samples were done by solid, digestion and phenol methods. Among 32 positive sputum samples, 21 (65.62%) , 14(43.75%)
and 1(2.5%).  The DNA extracts were obtained by phenol-chloroform-isoamyl alcohol method,
digestion method and solid method respectively.
The number of positive extracted DNA were significantly (P