Customer business investors so every such investor thinks that

Customer satisfaction helps customers to communicate their needs
straight to the sellers. Customer satisfaction is very important because it
helps to learn about the businesses strengths and weaknesses. Business holders
can just know their strengths and weaknesses and make the progression. Not only
this, also customer satisfaction also helps to appropriate resources for
eventual strike or satisfaction. Furthermore, it supports to show calmness
about making better quality of products and services to both the employees and
the customers. It does not help to learn about strengths and weaknesses but
helps it also to persuade competitive strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, it
helps to benefit more vision into the sources of frustration and areas desiring
progression. At last, customer satisfaction helps to accommodate a system for
informing management of problems or situations requiring actual promotion (ICR,
2011). While talking about business, it is not easy to establish this thinking
but everything needs to be set up everything from top to bottom and management
also exists there. Nature of business depends upon the size that was
established, either in the form of big-scale or small-scale. No business has
been established without thinking about the profit, and customers are the
pillars of the business. So every businesses stake holders always think about
the satisfaction of the customers by trying to meet the needs of the customer,
which are the main responsibilities of the business investor. As the task of
the research is concerned with the importance of customer satisfaction, some
points have already explained this in the above section, and some points are
going to be explained here. Actually, customer satisfaction helps to increase
the profit for business investors so every such investor thinks that to earn
profit is not as easy. If the business is successful, and able to satisfy the
customers then customers will be happy, they buy more goods and the company
will be able to sell more goods and it helps to increase the profit. Similarly,
it helps to increase the sales, to reduce the production costs, and to enhance
marketing and advertising If the customers are fully satisfied with the goods
and services provided by the business company, they refer it to their friends
and relatives telling them that they are satisfied, and this helps to promote
marketing and advertising of the business. Similarly, it helps to improve the