CodeIgniter personal home page framework. The principle attribute of


Speed up your development with Code Igniter, a fast and effective Hypertext Preprocessor internet software framework.

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List of CodeIgniter’s main features.


·         Model-View-Controller Based System

·         Extremely Light Weight

·         Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.

·         Query Builder Database Support

·         Form and Data Validation

·         Security and XSS Filtering

·         Session Management

·         Email Sending Class. Supports Attachments, HTML/Text email, multiple protocols (sendmail, SMTP, and Mail) and more.

·         Image Manipulation Library (cropping, resizing, rotating, etc.). Supports GD, ImageMagick, and NetPBM

·         File Uploading Class

·         FTP Class

·         Localization

·         Pagination

·         Data Encryption

·         Benchmarking

·         Full Page Caching

·         Error Logging

·         Application Profiling

·         Calendaring Class

·         User Agent Class

·         Zip Encoding Class

·         Template Engine Class

·         Trackback Class

·         XML-RPC Library

·         Unit Testing Class

·         Search-engine Friendly URLs

·         Flexible URI Routing

·         Support for Hooks and Class Extensions

·         Large library of “helper” functions

CodeIgniter is the open source software which is used in developing promising and powerful web sites with using personal home page framework. The principle attribute of CodeIgniter development is growing and growing web sites seamlessly with a fast pace.


CodeIgniter accredits programmers and builders for developing gen-subsequent encouraging internet packages. This outstanding net application platform helps the builders in growing IT net projects unexpectedly, by providing set of libraries for typically used duties as opposed to writing code from the scratch.


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Hypertext Preprocessor is a ubiquitous net scripting language. More than 80% of the internet is operating primarily based on Hypertext Preprocessor. Being the sort of popular high stage language has both benefits and pitfalls. It is straightforward to discover a developer for Hypertext Preprocessor based totally utility, however, it’s miles extremely hard to discover a talented developer in personal home page. Anyone and absolutely everyone can expand in Hypertext Preprocessor as getting started out with improvement in Hypertext Preprocessor is clearly clear-cut, however, developing expert level understanding is hard considering the fact that most crappy code may be written to clear up issues without problems and no longer many bother to visit subsequent stage. So getting right development companion is definitely vital whilst you are planning to get development accomplished in Hypertext Preprocessor / MySQL.


As an expert developer will endorse you to apply an excellent MVC framework together with Laravel, YII etc and no longer go together with core php development. On account that, these frameworks assist builders to create a utility in the strong and scalable way. This may be a litmus check to discover whether developer knows sufficient to recognize that accurate improvement in center php may be very difficult.


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This Framework is a group of expert personal homepage packages with more than 2 hundred million installations. It can be used to develop internet packages and offers the use of personal home page 5.6+ and presents 100% object-oriented code using a vast spectrum of language capabilities.

The php Zend framework is regarded as one of the first-rate php frameworks for constructing superb internet apps. A favored choice for each, developers and customers, it offers rich feature-base that we could developers engineer flexible internet programs. We construct incredible merchandise in Zend and right here are the offerings on offer

Why you need to invest in Zend web development

·         Object-oriented

·         Rapid Development

·         Component-centric

·         MVC architecture

·         Third-party Acceptance

·         Feature-rich Library

·         Scalable Classes

·         Demos and Tutorials