Children relationship between depression and internet use (Kraut et

are growing differently than years passed. Exposing young children can be
beneficial, however, too much technology can alter development and severely
affect their communication skills. Studies have shown that the use of
technology hasn’t been properly used for some time now. Overusing technology
can have some damaging effects on our children. It can cause depression, lack
of social skills and may become an addiction.

            The overuse of technology can affect
the child’s brain development. Before the booming popularity of social media
studies showed the mixed results for the relationship between depression and
internet use (Kraut et al., 1998; Shaw & Gant, 2002). Children’s minds are
still developing and the use of technological devices fail to promote physical
development the same way physical activity can (Swamenathan, 2015).  Research shows that multitasking is on a
decrease as well as patience. A brain can only process a limited amount of
information at the same time before it reaches its limits (Walsh, 2015) Advances
that empower virtualization are turning into the medium by which families
cooperate, create, and adjust. Technology has changed how children learn, play
and develop.

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            Technology can affect children’s
cognitive and social-emotional development. The way we used to speak on the
phone instead of text has become a thing of the past. Maintaining eye contact
when you speak to someone has become a lost art form. Looking at a screen for
long periods of time makes a person lose the ability to become an affective
communicator. Children’s ability to learn through play has been affected by the
overuse of technology (Ramsey, 2012). 
Have you ever been in the same room with someone and they send you a
text? Today’s children depend on technology to get through their everyday
lives. Young adult actually prefer to communicate via technology. Hand Held
devices such as smart phones may replace hands- on activities that are crucial
in the development of the child’s motor and social-emotional skills. These
skill are important when learning math and science (Walters, 2015). Children
enjoy how easy technology makes our lives and if this is not monitored it can
be overused.