BetaChain in the seed and pre-ICO rounds of early

Capital will strive to implement a long/short (long biased) stage agnostic
strategy that systematically focuses
on investing in the tokens of established protocols and
in the seed and pre-ICO rounds of early stage protocols. In theory, this strategy would be
structured with an initial value screen for potential investments. Then, the fund would use a
quantitatively driven approach to sort portfolios based on factors that have
been identified as
critical in maximizing return and controlling risk.


Part of BCC strategy would
be to ensure that the fund is able to fully express its views on the digital
assets it analyzes while also pursuing specific beta exposure targets. The fund
would achieve this objective in two ways. First, both long and short positions
would be taken in digital assets. Second, the beta of each position would be
analyzed in order to control for overall portfolio risk. 

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