Aya?l? organizes gambling parties in the house. But this

Aya?l? ile Kirac?lar? tells the story of the people who are nine roomed apartment’s tenants.In
the first years of the Republic, in Ankara, the flat hired by Aya?l? ?brahim
who is an old peasant, a former thug and a former officer. There are many
people who are living in apartment. The lives of people from various parts of
Turkey and their connections to each other are explained in novel. In the
rooms, there are women, men, young, old, married, single, various people.
Aya?l? rents a large apartment with nine rooms at affordable prices and each
room of the house is rented to a separate family.  The novel begins with renting a room by a
nameless chracter who is a bank officer. He settle his room with help of Halide
who is servant. He soon meets with other
tenants in the house. And he first introduces characters to the reader then he
begins to describe his daily life, his problems and his happiness. “Characters
such as unfaithful couples and neglected children present an atmosphere that is
unacceptable to ordinary citizens and average readers” ( Gözcü, 2004, p. iv).  He writes his memories about the people he
has lived with and the events he has witnessed in the apartment. “Throughout
the novel the narrator witnesses the moral deterioration of the environment
which is rampant with drug addiction, gambling, material greed, gossip,
selfishness, irresponsibility, and a general lack of love and care”(Gözcü,
2004, p. iv).   The narrator closest to
Hasan Bey because he is brother’s friend and he already met him. Also he feels
himself close to Turan because he has a relationship with Turan Han?m,who
organizes gambling parties in the house. But this relationship is repeatedly
criticized  by Dr. Fahri who wants to
marry him. Also, he is dealing with people who want to find a job from him
because of his position in the bank. This life in the house began to change
because of several occasions. Turan and his husband leave the house, then Hasan
Bey loses his life. After these events, the narrator began to spend less time
in the apartment and began to think more in the marriage and love issues. Dr.
Fahri constantly recommends to marry with Melek as a suitable partner for
narrator. Then narrator realizes that Fahri fall in love with Melek Han?m and
he provides the engagement of them.In time, the tenants are separated from the
house for different reasons. One day Aya?l? gets sick and dies. The protagonist
who is a civil servant in a bank and the narrator in the novel gets
married  with Selime at the end of the