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A neuron, more commonly known as a brain cell, has many functions. The main functions, though, are sending and receiving nerve signals and analyzing and if needed, combining the information. The shape of the cell is long and narrow. This form helps in many ways. Firstly, the lengthiness helps get the message out faster and in a less amount of time. This is done by the axons. The axons are the ones that carry the message from the brain to the body part the message needs to be sent to. The dendrites have a tree-like shape which is helpful since it expands and it can receive a message from a farther away place and it can receive it faster. The dendrites are the one that combine the received information, if it is needed. The dendrites extend from the cell body, where the nucleus is. The cell body then decides if the information received from the dendrites is needed to send on to other parts of the cell. If it is needed, it transmits the information through the axons to the body part(s) needed. Though the project was good, there were some limitations for me, personal and general. The main personal limitation for me was that it was a little bit of an inconvenience to gather the materials needed for the project. Also a more general limitation was that the sizes of the project and it was hard to make it to scale because some materials were bigger comparatively while others were smaller. This resulted in a slightly not to scale and unproportionate cell. In the project, one hard part was the shape of the cell body. This was hard to replicate because of the flexibility of the cell body. Additionally, the size of the cell body can also vary largely so it was confusing as to what size I should use. However, the project wasn’t bad. It contained some good qualities and the main one for me was the thought process need to put in to make this project. I learned a lot about brain cells including the parts, their functions, how it works, the abundance of the neurons, and the importance of them. Another thing I loved about this project was the creativity and how we used our creativity to create different types of models and the materials we used. About the project, I think that