federal budget madness is an inadequate or failed budgeting process. It is more
obvious in economic lean years. The process is “preventing consistent policy
making, and encouraging deadlocks, blackmail, and symbolic voting” (p.117). A
budget battle arises between the White House and the Congress. The budget plan
proposed by the president has some serious problems and will be dead on arrival
in the Congress. For example, according to William (2017), in March 2017,
president Trump unveiled his proposed budget plan. The basic content in this
plan included the reduction of funding on non-defense discretionary programs by
10 percent and the increase on budgeting such as infrastructure and the Mexico
wall, etc. However, to achieve these goals, many other department’s budgets
would be reduced or permanent eliminated, which have a significant effect
spread to extensive industries. In addition, Trump has taken the entitlement
programs which is an important aspect of spending control off the table (2017).
There are problems connecting programs and money, which fragments the budget
process. The key decision is unreasonable (p.117). Therefore, the deficit and
debt problem are going be more serious. The White House and the Congress cannot
make an agreement on the proposed budgeting. The deadlock would happen.


transportation department have funding pressures under Trump’s budgeting plan. According
to the Katherine and Lori from Washington post (2017). The budget shows a 13 percent
reduction (about $16.2 billion) on discretionary transportation funding over
2017 (2017). Although he proposed investments on infrastructure, the 2018
budget proposal makes people worried about the public transportation funding. Therefore,
our department is also at risk of losing federal support. Trump’s “skinny
budget” would have an impact on the availability of federal funds to our city

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